Our story

Studio Nani is a state of the art association founded by Serena Zom in 2020. With more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, Studio Nani is initiated by the desire to bring her eye for fashion and craftsmanship together with sustainability, to make people feel their best in silhouettes that are comfortable, sensual, unique and versatile.

Studio Nani only operates with high quality fabrics, selected and fetched from small factories all over Europe. The fabrics are often residuals or dead-stock. This allocation of goods contributes to the attempt of diminishing the ecological footprint of the overall fashion industry with a slow fashion operation. 

All garments are dyed by hand, using natural compost derived from local producers such as restaurants and florists.  The dying process requires skill, patience and time which results in unrepeatable outcomes of color-ways, impossible to duplicate by mass machines. These conditions of production resemble the identity of Nani, aiming to contribute in the chain of slow fashion.  Studio Nani values quality over quantity, singularity over similarity and enduring over short lived garments. In all of our brand activities, we act towards these core values. 

When you are shopping at Studio Nani, you are automatically accepting our sales conditions. That’s why we recommend reading all the terms and conditions section thoroughly before you place any order at Studio Nani.