The New Studio and Studio Nani have found each other from having distinct , yet common and complementary practices. Both based in Rotterdam, our studios aim to create alternative ways of producing and consuming fashion and with this collaboration we collided our taste and expertise, resulting in a layered and timeless Fall collection for women. Every item of the capsule is created hand-dyed in a bath of local sources eucalyptus leaves, iron and water. This state of the art process brings the uniqueness of each item, with a slight change of color and feel.

For this Fall capsule collection, The New Studio and Nani wanted to create a more mono- and earth toned look. Nani experimented with eucalyptus leaves and learned the leaves give a brown/ greenish shade. The attribution of iron darkens all colors achieved. 

Due to the exclusivity and our support of the made to order concept, there will be a limited number of items available to purchase.